Friday, July 30, 2010

Love personified....

I know my husband loves me.  I've known it since practically meeting him and he's never - not once - given me a reason to doubt it.  Tommy goes above and beyond the call of duty in every area of our life together.  You will never hear me complain about his involvement in our home, raising our kids, and his level of commitment to anything.  He is the most giving person I have ever met - hands down.  To put it bluntly - he amazes me.

Last night, as we laid in bed and prayed, he approached our heavenly father.  He praised the Lord for all He is and all He has blessed us with.  He prayed for our girls - that they would grow in the Lord and that the Lord would equip us to raise them in Him.  Those things aren't new - Tommy prays like that all the time.

What amazes me is that he always knows just what to pray for me - how to approach the King of Kings on my behalf.  Often times, it is to give me strength to go about my day taking care of the needs of our household to the level that I feel the Lord expects of me, or for me to have peace about a certain situation, or other general requests that He knows are very real needs.

But never before, has he uttered these words in my presence to our Lord - and how did he know this was my greatest need right now from our creator??? He said, "Lord, please love on Rachel..."

I know, to some those words aren't amazing in and of themselves.  However, to me, last night as our household fell quiet for a few short minutes, he knew that no matter how much love he can give as a husband to me and a father to our girls, that when the day is done - to feel the love of my Savior is the one thing I needed - something that Tommy cannot give me or make me feel. Yet, he approached the Lord and begged him to "love on" me.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me my greatest love on this earth - who has pointed to you, the greatest love in the universe, to give me my greatest

And thank you for answering his prayer....


  1. brought me to tears, Girl. What a blessing that is!!

  2. I love this, Rachel! You've got quite a man. It just goes to show you how much God knows each and everyone of us so personally that He knew exactly what you needed in a mate. God has definitely loved on you.